Things to note about Apple iMac 27 inch (5K Display)

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Apple is a puissant brand in the world whose startling cutting edge technology unrivaled. Moreover, the new Apple iMac 27 inch is explaining every past complexity and inspiring. Notably, Apple has added a “5K” display, which comes with all manner of splendid adornment. 5K display is the new kid on the blog for perfect images and super crisp text.

Additionally, the iMac 27-inch series is an all-in-one computer, with a processor at rocket speed 4 GHz. Apple is not leaving anything to chance; graphic is “jaw-dropping” at 5120×2880 “Retina 5K”.

Apple iMac 27 inch is not overrated; it can run multiple apps verily. Likewise, it displays crisp images and kicks things at rocket speed. Continue reading as I explain the core advancement of this “all-in-one” powerhouse.

Display Size/Resolution; 27” IPS, 5120×2880

Hard Drive; 128 GB


Processor speed; 4GHZ Intel Core i7-4790K 4GHz

Graphics; 2 GB AMD Radeon R9 M290X

Networking; 802.11AC; Bluetooth 4.0 + HS

Weight; 21 pounds


  • Price not favorable (costly)
  • No touch screen
  • Lacks dedicated ports and HDMI port
  • No height adjustment

This model is a masterpiece of its kind that doesn’t need to be embellished. Apple has maintained the same design to subsequent series since its inspection in 2012. The ultimate prime focus here is 5120×2880 resolutions dubbed “Retina 5K”. 5K is the best computer display and is seven times the amount of pixel in a Full-HD TV.

Apple designers made it simple by housing it in a stylish silver aluminum case at the rear side. It’s super-slim measuring 5 mm at the edges and is thicker in the middle giving rise to “pillow shape.”

 Inside that curve shelter, RAM, the logic board, and internal storage. Apart from that, it has a sturdy stand that supports 21 pounds and a measurement of 25.6x8x20.3 inches.

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Apple iMac in action
Features and Performance

Expect nothing but blazing firework here where you can simultaneously handle multiple tasks at high speed. Intel Core i7-4790K 4GHz for Apple iMac 27 inch can achieve faster base and boost clock speed. Apart from everyday computing tasks, you will be able to run games and do video editing without dropping frames.

The 5K display blends with 2 GB AMD Radeon R9 M290X graphics to execute crisp, colorful, and bright pictures. Retina 5K iMac display gets you crispier images alluring your “glassy orbs” by all imagination. Texts are smoother, where curves on characters become curves and not spiky points.

This time around, there is no HDMI port because it integrates the computer and monitors into a single machine. The available connectivity includes Gigabyte Ethernet, USB-C, USB 3, SDXC card slot, and headphones. You can also stream content via Wi-Fi and Bluetooth 4.2. To execute your work flawlessly, you’ll use “magic mouse” and Apple wireless keyboard.

Is iMac 27 inch a competent gaming machine?

 Mac has more games today than before, but not all Mac is suitable for gaming. It is because MacBook is always so thin, making it hard to accommodate big graphics. However, this model has a high-resolution retina display.

The iMac can be your choice because it has a beautiful display. Apart from that, videos and RAM expandability gives it a great feature to serve more work

Can I upgrade Apple iMac 27?

This machine is upgradable even though Apple RAM prices can suck all humanity in you. But, still, you can upgrade the RAM in a small portion. Let’s say you need 128GB of RAM upgrade, buy four 32GB, which will cost less amount.

iMac 27 memory specifications:

Number of memory slots:4

Base memory: 8GB(2X4GB DIMMs)

Max. memory : 128GB(4X32GB DIMMs)

How do you upgrade your Apple iMac 27?

Upgrading Apple iMac is super easy compared to regular computers.

  • Before you open the back cover, disconnect power cables.
  • Then, place a soft cloth on the surface to avoid your screen from getting scratch
  • Once you have your new RAM, press the button at the back cover using a pen.
  • Push the two light grey buttons to access the RAM
  • Next, glide the available RAM out. But, you have to use a little bit of force.
  • Grab your new RAM and install it.
  • Wrap it up by sliding the RAM house down to its original place. And then, place the RAM cover back to its initial position by applying even pressure.

That’s it; your work is all done. Next, reconnect the power cable and boot your iMac.


Apple iMac 27 inch is a welcoming upgrade for creative professionals and prosumers. Since Apple introduced it in the market, it has crushed every benchmark thrown at it. It is notorious for blistering fast graphics performance, making it relevant to date.


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