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The Smartphone camera is trying its best to emulate the regular compact cameras. But, what they deliver cannot be matched with the Nikon camera.

Nikon D850 camera is one of the best professional cameras for photographers at the moment. Nikon camera thrives in capturing a wedding, birthday, travel, and or street photography.

In this review, I want to dwell on the nitty-gritty about the Nikon D850 camera. Why is it a monster when it comes to getting those crisp and detailed pictures. Many photographers graduating to high-end Nikon cameras find it hard choosing between Z7 and D850. Compared to Z7, D850 has an optical viewfinder and a great battery life. Now, let us dig into more of those features here.

Before that, let us look at things you need to consider before buying any camera.

Camera Type

In the 20th century, things changed when it comes to digital cameras. We have compact cameras (point and shoot), DSLR cameras, and Mirrorless cameras. Furthermore, we also have bridge cameras. Bridge cameras

 By the way, we still have those who use film 35mm film cameras.  However, labs processing film photographs are declining or shutting down. Depending on your needs and expertise, you an option that will suit you.

Generally, point and shoot cameras are superb, especially for beginner photographers. They are intuitive, and some cost less than $100. Besides, they come with auto settings features such as auto-focus and automatic exposure. One of the best point and shoot cameras is Fujifilm X100V.

Mirrorless camera falls between compact cameras and DSLR cameras. In brief, they don’t have an optical viewfinder. As a result, it allows you to preview images on the EVF viewfinder or its rear LCD. Mirrorless thrives better if you intend to perform some casual photography or videos.

Image Sensor

An image sensor is a system that processes your images and delivers them to your screen. A larger image sensor allows much light into the camera. For example, Nikon cameras allow more light (photons), which provides overall better images. Also, you will be able to shoot in a low light environment and achieve quality.


You have three options to choose:

  • Micro-bolometer. Mostly infrared-based cameras such as surveillance or CCTV.
  • Charge-coupled detector (CCD). Generally used for normal imaging
  • CMOS image sensor. It works by converting photons to electronics for standard image processing.


Example of nikon lens
check focal length, aperture, zoom, or fixed when buying a lens.

Buying a Nikon camera (D850) is not the end of the game; you need more lenses. In this case, you’ll need faster telephoto lenses. When talking about a high performing lens, you need to consider:

  • Here, it shows you how much light the sensor can allow.
  • Focal length. It tells you whether your lens is wide-angle or telephoto.
  • Fixed or zoom. Generally, a fixed lens is small and delivers more brightness. On the other side, the zoom mechanism allows the focal length to be varied.


The viewfinder is the small hole you look through when shooting your subject. For instance, DSLR cameras come with an optical TTL (through the lens). The viewfinder allows you to achieve precision. However, some high-end points and shoot use an advanced hybrid viewfinder.

Another factor to consider for your lens includes:

  • Crop factor
  • Image stabilization
  • Perspective and focus shift

Nikon D850 Camera Review


Pixel: 45.7 megapixels

Sensor size: 35.9 mm x 23.9 mm

Screen: Tilting TFT LCD touch-sensitive

ISO:  64-25,600

Sensor type: CMOS

Video recording: 4K UHD 3840×2, 160/30 fps

Nikon D850 Overview

Nikon D850 camera has hit the DSLR family with a big bang since the inspection in 2017. The design and performance triumph earlier Nikon camera models such as D800 and D800E.

Here, the camera comes in a great, back-side illuminated (BSI) full-frame image sensor. Also, it delivers high resolution, exceptional dynamic range from its 45.7MP sensor. The camera uses EXPEED 5 processing engine, which produces lower noise. On top of that, the engine delivers a wide dynamic range and subtle tonal.

Additionally, it allows you up to 8 full stops continuous shooting under full resolution. It is a monster when it comes to video recording 4K ultra HD at 4K and 8K time-lapse. To get you more versatile images, it uses focus tracking and highlight detection. Also included in the package is XQD storage. This storage format allows you to achieve high-resolution content and shooting speed. Besides, there is an option for an SD card that you can use as a backup.

Features and Benefits

45.7 Megapixel Back-sided illuminated (BSI) CMOS Sensor

Nikon D850 camera comes with a powerful 45.7 megapixel CMOS sensor. In addition to that, its back-side illuminated, unlike previous models.

What does this mean?

If you have D850, then you can take shots in low light situations without fretting. In connection to that, the back-side illuminated CMOS sensor drives more performance. It gives your camera more flexibility for the lens and superb rapid reading.

In summary, the D850 CMOS sensor is faster when shooting your photos. Also, it makes use of optical-low pass (OLPF) to deliver top sharpness. Compared to compact cameras, it captures more light using the BSI technology.

EXPEED Image Processing

Expeed image processing is a concept by Nikon Camera Company to deliver images that meet your requirements. Nikon D850 uses EXPEED 5 image processing. EXPEED is optimized to drive the vast 45.7 megapixels. Above all, it achieves excellent performance for high-speed continuous shooting at nine fps. Also, it performs when recording video at full-frame 4K UHD movies.

Flexible Dynamic Range (DR) and ISO

As a rule of thumb, the lower the ISO sensitivity, the higher the dynamic range. D850 can deliver ISO from 64 up to 25,600. In the meantime, the dynamic range is the difference between the darkest and the lightest tones. Usually, dynamic range measurements are in stops whereby if you increase one-stop, the brightness doubles.

Now, our D850 can achieve better photos with a dynamic range down to ISO 64 sensitivity. So, if you take shots at ISO 64, your images will have a higher signal to noise ratio.

Nine fps Continuous Shooting

Continuous shooting refers to the ability of your camera to take a quick shot one after the other. Usually, the rate is in frame per second (fps). D850 has the potential to deliver continuous shooting up to 9 fps.

 Now, this speed is great to catch some sporting action or bride walking down the aisle. Apart from that, you can also capture a perfect moment while watching wildlife. Furthermore, the camera allows the use of an optional MB-D18 battery for more action.

Nikon D850 Revamped Battery Pack

A good camera should have a battery that lasts long and also take as many shots as possible. D850 camera uses an MB-D18 multi-battery pack. Here, you can either use

  • six AA batteries (Lithium or Alkaline or Ni-MH)


The MB-D18 allows you to achieve up to 9 fps of continuous shooting. The pack accepts a series of commands such as a shutter release button and sub-command dial. Additionally, it has an AE/AF lock button and a multi-selector. All these commands help improve operation when taking shots, especially portrait inclination.

Image of MB-D18 multi-battery pack
MB-D18 multi-battery pack. Image credit:

Nikon D850 Body design

Looking closely at the Nikon camera, you’ll notice that it can endure the typically harsh environment. To begin with, it uses a dustproof and drip-proof mechanism. It enables you to take shots even under poor weather conditions. The camera joints connection parts don’t have holes to ensure no foreign materials come in.

Another attractive feature is the magnesium body, which makes the camera lightweight and sturdy. This property enables the camera to withstand the severe shooting environment.

Furthermore, the rear view of it has illuminated buttons to improve visibility in dark places. It allows you to come up with the right settings.

Lastly, the monitor is a tilting LCD screen, type, and it supports touch operation. You can adjust the 3.2-inch display and improve performance. Additionally, the touch screen allows you to scroll through your images quickly.

Built-in Wi-Fi and Bluetooth

With this feature, Nikon D850 allows you to send images to any compatible devices. Additionally, it enables you to connect and capture from remote areas. The camera uses SnapBridge technology for Bluetooth and Wi-Fi connection.

Focus Peaking

Focus peaking is also another essential feature found in the D850 model. What it does is that it allows you to make it easier to focus on your subject. It highlights the target using specific colors such as white, yellow, or red.

Nikon D850 Pros

  • Impressive 45.7 megapixel and back-side illuminated full-frame CMOS sensor
  • Improved Liveview feature
  • Up to 9 fps of continuous shooting
  • Tilting LCD screen for performance
  • Quality 4K Ultra HD video recording
  • Lower ISO range of 64 sensitive even in a low lit environment
  • High 153 focus points and a fast AF processor

Nikon D850 Cons

  • The price is not pocket friendly
  • XQD card is still not common
  • You need MB-D18 battery grip to attain the 9fps of continuous shooting
  • No GPS unlike Canon Mark D IV


Nikon camera D850 model is still enjoying the market because people love it. Both D850 and Z7, 45.7 mp sensor, sits well with most photographers.  In the field of work, it proves to deliver an excellent resolution. It burst with energy-providing quality videos and images at a quick turnaround.


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