Blackmagic Camera: Pocket Cinema


Key specification

  • ISO up to 25600
  • 4K digital film camera of 4096×2160
  • Full size 4/3″ sensor

Blackmagic Camera Overview

The new Blackmagic camera is a good companion for upcoming photographers.

It’s a 4K recording camera that will work well for documentaries, weddings, and music.  Most importantly, it has an ultra-bright 5″ screen that allows you to capture stunning 4K videos. Furthermore, the body is from a carbon fiber reinforcement, which makes it durable. For quality images, the full size 4/3 sensor delivers 4096×2160 resolutions.  Notably, the 4/3 sensor is good at reducing crop factor, allowing you to enjoy a broad field view.

In a low light environment, the dual native ISO, which goes up to 25600, produces a positive outcome.  The camera delivers up to 60 fps for you to enjoy more than 4K action when recording videos. To process your images, it uses the Blackmagic operating system. Another professional touch is the built-in microphone, which delivers high fidelity audio recording. Additionally, this camera allows you to record onto an external SSD from the USB-C port.


Blackmagic camera Features and functionality

Dual gain ISO

The Blackmagic camera has a good ISO sensitivity. It features double gain up to 25,600 to minimize noise or grain in images. You will get clear and lit images in scenes with on–set lighting as well as dimly lit zones.

RAW Format, SD Cards UHS-2, and CFast Media

Ultimately, the Blackmagic camera allows you to record using the standard open file format. Usually, this saves you from wasting time in transcoding media because you get compatible files. It also comes with the production software ‘DaVinci Resolve Studio’ for post-production work. Depending on your needs, you can choose to work with Black magic RAW or ProRes 422 files.

Additionally, recording your videos and pictures becomes easy since it has a built-in CFast and SD UHS-II card. Similarly, it gives room for a USN-C expansion port where you can capture to an external disk. When capturing HD shots, you can use regular SD cards or UHS-II and CFast cards. The advantage of Blackmagic RAW and ProRes files is that it is compatible with all video software.

Lightweight Carbon Fiber Polycarbonate

The Blackmagic camera comes in an elegant design. The use of lightweight carbon fiber polycarbonate is a massive bonus for busy photographers. Most importantly, Polycarbonate is a sturdy, versatile plastic. It is well known for;

  • Toughness
  • High heat deflection temperature
  • Scratch resistance

Intuitive back panel control

The rear panel control is placed below the right thumb rest to help you achieve:

  • Change shooting speed quickly
  • Zoom into images
  • Access set up menus
  • Playback

13 stop HDR capture

The dynamic range is the distance between the lightest and the darkest part.  Blackmagic delivers 13 stops of dynamic range. 13 stops is incredible since it preserves more detail in the brightest and darkest zone of an image. With this in mind, you can shoot in bright sunlight or a zero-light zone

Advanced OS, URSA Mini PRO OS

Blackmagic cinema camera uses a user-friendly operating system for processing images. You can achieve so many things from the OS, such as

  • on-screen focus
  • 3D LUTs
  • HDR
  • RAW settings  

Wireless Bluetooth Control

Sometimes it’s not easy to get a relaxed position when doing photography hard to reach location. The inbuilt Bluetooth feature allows you to connect remotely up to 30 feet away. You can achieve this by downloading the Blackmagic camera control app for your Android device or iOS. In this manner, it allows you to have remote camera control solutions.

Compatible with most photography lenses

In particular, you have the options to choose between automatic focusing (EF) or MFT lenses. As a result, you’ll have compatible cameras with the most extensive range and accept the most popular lenses.


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