Canon EOS r6 review: Canon EOS r6 is it worth your money

picture of Canon EOS r6 camera

Canon EOS r6 is a full-frame camera with thriving total pixels of 21.4MP. It was released on Aug 2020 at a whopping $2,499. But, its impressive array of capabilities and intuitive controls fit well with the price. With this comes the DIGIC X processor, expandable ISO of up to L: 50, electronic shutter, and more.

If you are an enthusiast photographer like me, then you can’t wait to start shooting with this camera. Notably, this camera is easy to use, unlike the previous version. Let’s unpack it and see what is on the table.

Canon EOS r6 specifications

A woman aiming to shoot using Canon EOS r6
A woman taking shots using Canon EOS r6
  • Has an image sensor of 20.1 effective megapixels
  • DIGIC X image processor
  • Lens mount is RF and uses EF-EOS R mount adapter
  • Dual Pixel CMOS AF focusing
  • ISO sensitivity comes in two modes. First is the auto ISO, which ranges from 100-102400. Second, it is expandable and can reach up to L:50, H:204,800
  • Viewfinder mechanism has 3.69 million dots
  • 5 cm touch screen view LCD
  • Capable of movie type 4K UHD videos

Canon EOS r6 review


For us to ascertain whether it’s powerful, let’s find out what the engine can do. First of all, this camera is using a new processor called DIGIC X away from the usual DIGIC. We first saw it with the 1D X Mark III model and now this one. The reason for coming up with DIGIC X is to allow the camera to address the new features and functions.

The processor can get you crisp shots even at high ISO speed for still and videos. The first lines of DIGIC processors come at a time when maximum ISO speed was ISO 1600. Today, with DIGIC X, you can raise your ISO speed as high as 102,400 on Canon EOS r6.

Moreover, DIGIC X new futures play a role in long exposure noise reduction. Through digital means, it’s capable of separating noise and image information from the data it gathers.

Dual Pixel CMOS AF II

Moving on, the DIGIC X processor allows fast, accurate AF and subject detection. The new development to Dual Pixel CMOS AF is excellent such that it can recognize and track eyes, faces, and more.   

In particular, it has two independent photodiodes where each performs phase deference detection. As you take shots, the DIGIC X processes all this information at a speed of light. They then evaluate your subject’s brightness, detecting faces, and colors to establish the best focus.

Continuous shooting

With this camera, you can achieve many when it comes to shooting. First of all, this camera allows you to shoot stills through:

  • Scene Intelligent Auto
  • Flexible priorities AE
  • Program
  • Shutter priority
  • Aperture movie
  • Auto exposure
  • Manual

The advent of the DIGIC X processor makes it possible to achieve both subject recognition and data processing. We find that the processing power of DIGIC X allows room for focus accuracy and continuous shooting rate.

Typically, the continuous shooting performance of a DSLR camera is determined by either mechanical components or software components. A mechanical part deals with the shutter and mirror, whereas software components control the processes.

It delivers up to 12fps maximum with a mechanical shutter. In an electronic shutter, it delivers up to 20fps maximum.

Sensor shift –Image Stabilization

Canon EOS r6 uses the system that works on the principles of sensor-shift image stabilization. It allows up to 8 stops advantages depending on the lens you are using. What this system does is to detect vibration from camera shake and delivers appropriate correction.

4K Video

Apart from IS and other camera functions, video recording demands a lot of image processing power. Most importantly, the 4K video is ever hungry for more processing power resources. 

Usually, the strength of an image processor influences the video frame rate. Also, it controls whether or not to shoot at a high ISO speed. With this camera, you will get 4K up to 60p.

20.1 Megapixel sensor resolutions

We all know that the quality of a camera lies in the sensor quality. 20-megapixel resolutions are impressive for professional work.

EOS r6 compare with the previous series

  • EOS R
  • Canon EOS 5D Mark IV
  • EOS r6
EOS r6 compare with the previous series/models EOS RCanon EOS 5D Mark IV EOS r6
EOS r6 compare with the previous series/models
Video recording 4K4K4K
Weight 660g2109g680g
Battery LP-E6N- 430 shots EVFLP-E6/LP-E6N- 900 shots per chargeLP-E6NH-380 shots EVF
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