Fujifilm X100V Digital Camera Silver Compact Camera

Major specifications

Type: compact

Resolution: 26.1 megapixels

Image sensor: 3.5×15.6mm- APS-C

Screen: 3in tilting LCD

Lens: Fujinon 25mm F2 fixed

Video: 4k

Fujifilm X100V Overview

FUJIFILM-X100V compact camera

In the first place, the design, energy, and how it fires up shots give it an edge in the game. It’s a premium version from the X100 series with an elegant design and high performance. This new compact camera comes with the latest image sensor for quality images. Additionally, the unique advanced hybrid viewfinder provides inter-switchable optical and electrical options. 

Notably, the X100 series came in 2011, the latest being X100V, the fifth-generation model. Most importantly, the models feature aluminum at the top and bottom plates of the body. The tilting rear LCD enables intuitive operation and beauty.

In general, X100V is good at kicking things; its preface is high compared to other series. To achieve this, it has 26.1 MP, high sensor CMOS4, and X-processor 4. It makes it capable of producing premium quality still images and videos. Another boost is the advanced hybrid viewfinder. A photographer can switch between optical viewfinder (OVF) and electronic viewfinder (EVF). To give you a thrilling shooting experience, the EVF uses an organic electroluminescent (EL) panel. Additionally, It enhances immersiveness by getting you high resolution, high contrast, and high luminance. 

Fujifilm X100V Features and functionality

Body design

The X100V camera body helps to improve performance. In particular, the X100 series camera s the first to use aluminum for its top and bottom plate. The advantage of aluminum is that it’s a shapeable metal. Usually, It allowed designers to achieve sharp looks to the edges and smooth textures on the surface.

Again, this model features a two-way tilting 3.0″ 1.62m rear LCD screen. It allows you to achieve various shooting styles from high and low angles.

We also have top plate house locking dials and levers, which accept a chain of commands. Here, you can implement exposure settings as well as shutter speed adjustments.  The built-in ISO dial built into the shutter speed dial lets you adjust ISO sensitivity.

To satisfy the current internet savvy generation, they incorporated Bluetooth and Wi-Fi connectivity. WI-FI allows you to share images with a Smartphone or mobile devices remotely. Besides, It also has a single SD memory card slot that supports the UHS-1 standard.

Another essential feature is the adapter ring “AR-X100” and the protection filter “PRF-49”. Here, the two combinations make X100V point and shoot camera moisture resistance. They enable you to shoot pictures in light rain or dusty environment at ease.

High performer Fujinon 23mm f/2, 26.1MP "X-Trans" sensor, X-processor and CMOS4

The above combination gives Fujifilm X100V camera power to kick and fire shot immensely. The 23mm prime lens delivers an edge to edge sharpness in high resolution and contrast. The lens uses optical technologies from Fujinon lenses. Fujinon 23mm f/2 is an updated version that includes two aspherical elements.

The new lens version ensures that your images are sharp and clear. Usually, it achieves that by reducing aberration and distortion. You opt to use a wide conversion lens (WCL-X100 II) or a Tele-conversion lens (TLC-X100 II). The first option widens the focal length by 0.8x to 19mm, which is excellent for landscape photography. The second option expands the focal length by 1.4x to 33 mm, which is suitable for portraiture.

Lastly, X100V is a compelling point and shoot camera. It uses the back-illuminated elements such as 26.1MP” X-Trans” CMOS 4 sensor. Additionally, its engine is backed by X-processor 4, which burst with energy for high speed. This powerful processor uses an algorithm that boosts AF performance.

Advanced hybrid viewfinder

This feature allows you to choose between the 0.52x optical viewfinder (OVF) or 3.69M dot OLED electronic viewfinder. In short, the option offers 95% frame coverage. The OVF delivers parallax-correcting frame lines giving you a continuous real-time view. On the other hand, EVF provides a real-time representation of the image processed.

EVF comes with more benefits, such as it boasts the maximum luminosity intensity of 1500 candelas. Another new boast is high contrast, which delivers sound output in highlights and shadows. The OVF mode also offers full viewfinder potential by allowing electronic rangefinder functions. What this function does is to enable you to capture your subject and enlarge the focus area.

High-resolution video recording up to 4K

If you are a vlogging/YouTuber or a video recorder enthusiast, then you will love this feature. Here, the camera allows you to record 4K video up to 30 frames per second.  Additionally, you also have an option to capture 120 frames per second at 1080p.

Film simulation options for Fujifilm X100V

After enlisting in the world of film photography for decades, X100V brings you a digital film simulation collection. The primary purpose is to give you a taste and the feeling of the golden classic Fujifilm options. The list includes:

  • Provia(standard)
  • Astia(soft)
  • Velvia(vivid)
  • Eterna (cinema and more

Fujifilm X100V pros

  • Better lens
  • Built-in ND filters
  • Advance Q menu
  • Weather sealing
  • 4K video

Fujifilm X100V Cons

  • Shorter battery life- drains fast
  • No touch screen menu

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