RUNMUS Gaming Headset: Decorated LED light

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RUNMUS gaming headset is here to simplify your search for some immersive gaming experience.

If you Google “what is the best gaming headset for ps4,” that’s where your bewilderment will start. Unlike gaming laptops, there’s no panjandrum in gaming headset you can use as a benchmark. As the name suggests, it’s not some alien digestive system but one of the best gaming headsets for ps4.

It’s packed with what gamers want to hear, 7.1 surround sounds stereo. Besides, the headset has a high-end noise-canceling microphone and led light to make things calmer.

 Moreover, the frequency range for this headset is 20Hz-20 KHz, a good one for delivering the “feel.” The 50 mm audio driver is a monster sound bluster for quality gaming and music.

 Let’s plug our gaming headset to see if the quality is worth your bucks. Let’s also plug it and see whether it’s compatible with a PS4 controller, PC and or Xbox one controller.

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This Gaming headset with surround delivers 20Hz-20 KHz

RUNMUS Gaming Headset Review


  • 50 mm neodymium driver
  • 5 mm compatible audio jack
  • Noise cancelation microphone
  • 12(340gm) ounce
  • Decorated LED light
  • The frequency response is 20Hz-20 KHz


  • Retractable noise cancellation
  • Compatible with multiple platforms
  • Ergonomic design
  • Immersive sound quality
  • Headband plastic is thinner, therefore, cannot handle the wear and tear for long
Is the Runmus gaming headset worth it?

According to Amazon verified purchaser, this headset is a bomb in the making. The client says that he can’t get wife or kids. Another thing that amazes him is the “blue glow.”

Another verified purchaser Don Santos praises its quality. According to him, the sound quality is above the regular. He finds it very interesting to play Division 2 since sound emanating from the speaker is quality.

How do you connect your Runmus headset to Xbox?

Unfortunately, this headset does not support wireless. But, it’s different from normal headphones. Here, they have a good surround system that makes them suitable for watching movies.

Connect the 3.5 mm jack to the controller. You can do this via the headset connection of the controller directly. Additionally, you can connect the stereo headset via an adapter.


It seems to answer the entire calls game enthusiast shoot. Notably, their choice for a 50 mm neodymium driver is up to the mark. The mechanism is easy-peasy; the larger the size, the better the sound quality and spatial awareness.

50 mm driver is known for immersive blustering sound quality. It is what you need to effectuate the real battlefield when playing “call of duty,” Minecraft,” or “grand theft.” 

A gamer is not recording a song, but microphones do play a significant role. Here, you’ll be communicating with opponents, squad, or your team. That is why this gaming headset comes with a high-end noise-canceling microphone. You need to deliver a clear audible voice with superb clarity, and that is what noise cancellation achieves.

Finally, you have your gaming headset, but does it represent your gaming welfare to the core. Multiple platform compatibility here will help you enjoy the connection to PC, PS4 controller or Xbox one controller. Others include Nintendo’s new 3ds ll/3ds and Nintendo 3ds ll/3ds.

What else!

We all know that a headset with a good response range, will deliver a broader spectrum of audible sound— notably, the 20 HZ-20KHZ, which is the best standard range for human hearing.

Gaming can be addictive, where one can spend hours and hours in the battle. In that case, you need a headset with ergonomic design. Here, RUNMUS is comfortable since it has a retractable band and a breathable ear pad.

Are gaming headsets good for music?

In other words, consumer headphones are good for walking around and listening to music. Ultimately, studio headphones are a gem cell for studio recordings. Likewise, gaming headphones have special features that immerse gamers with surround

We have many stores online selling consumer and electronic products. But, the best place to buy Runmus gaming headset is .


The amount of gaming headset hitting the market shelves is beyond imagination. That means finding a perfect headset that will deliver your needs is a tough assignment.

RUNMUS gaming headset is for immersive gaming experience for both gaming and music. Apart from quality sound and other hi-tech features, it’s an excellent choice for a budget gaming headset.


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