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Finding a web hosting provider for your website

As a beginner, you have two options to choose from when looking for web hosting. We have free turnkey solutions and paid turnkey solutions. Notably, all of them don’t require some coding knowledge to put things together. You can set them up within an hour, and your site is ready.

Free turnkey solutions

In the online landscape, we have a lot of websites that are running but for free. Here, you don’t pay anything to host your website or buy a domain. An example of free turnkey solutions is and blogger.

Starting your website with a blogger is easy; all you have to do is sign-up and create your first post. But, the problem with them is that you don’t have controls over design and layout. For example, you only use specific free themes to build your website.

Paid turnkey solutions

They offer more robust website builder options and functions. With a paid turnkey solution, you can choose from various themes that meet your business goals. One of the most popular paid turnkeys is; when registration your website with them, make sure to set a strong password.

Web hosting provider and an ISP

An internet service provider (ISP) is a company that provides its customers with internet access. Usually, they achieve this through cable connections, satellite, or DSL.

On the other hand, a web hosting provider houses your website by managing space on the internet. A web hosting provider makes your files accessible over the internet. 

Why your web hosting provider needs to be reliable

Notably, when your business goes live, it should be on all the time. Having said that, when searching for web hosting providers, ensure you check their uptime and downtime. For example, if your website goes down for 20 minutes once per week, you’ll end up losing. First, of all your reputation will decrease, and then traffic to your site will go down.

Similarly, downtime can occur as a result of inadequate security. If you have your site hosted on a shared server, one of the members might use uncertain software. Most hackers penetrate security credentials through software. As a result, if the hosting provider is not on top of the game, your site can experience downtime.

Congesting of too many sites onto a single server can bring the server to a halt. They are the significant reasons why the server sometimes fails to hit the right speed.

Top support Services web hosting your web provider should offers

You need an easy way to access support help, whether you forgot a password or can’t set up email. We have several ways you can get help, but these are the main key support types to watch.

Direct support

It can be via a phone call, emails, or 24/7 live chat. The right hosting provider should provide feedback in minutes to solve your issues promptly. Remember, if they delay days without answering your emails, it’ll be a bad idea.

Video tutorials

For example, assume you want to add another add-on domain but don’t know-how. It would be noble if you learn it from tutorials video tutorials and apply the same.

User forum

The user forum helps individuals to troubleshoot particular problems.


It is a comprehensive series of blog posts and articles tackling various issues users might face.

Web hosting provider cpanel

Your hosting control cpanel is the interface that allows you to perform core tasks about your website. For example, the control panel will enable you to create a launch WordPress. It also allows you to create emails and add more add-on domains.

A good cpanel should be easy to use and locate root files. It should allow you to upload and update your files with ease.

Top web hosting services

Shared hosting

As the name suggests, shared hosting is where your website share server storage with others. Here, you’ll share the same RAM and CPU from a single server. A shared hosting plan costs less because all resources are shared.  The con of this plan is that a popular website with massive traffic can slow down the server.

A Shared hosting in an office

Virtual private server (VPS) hosting

A VPS hosting acts as the median for those who don’t prefer shared hosting or a dedicated plan. Usually, they cost less compared to a dedicated server. Besides, only a few websites share the same server meaning your website gets more resources.

Dedicated server hosting

Dedicated hosting allows website owners to get high performance, reliable and secure server. In most cases, you’ll have control over storage resources and other elements. It’s okay if your website has high traffic or planning to have a secure money transaction.


When planning to create a website, you need to worry about hackers and their capability. First, you need to come up with a strong password for your hosting account. Usually, when you create an account, the hosting provider will auto-generate a password. You can use that auto password if you suspect your combinations.


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