Things to consider for a domain name

Things to consider for a domain name

You have your goals set, and the only thing remaining is a vehicle that will turn your dreams to reality. Before you think of building a website, you have to research domain names. Notably, you are not allowed to own a domain. However, when you register a domain name, you are given exclusive rights to use it for a given period.

Usually, your domain name will be managed by regulatory such as Internet Corporation for assigned names (ICANN). ICANN is the one that oversees domain names you see around, such as .com, .gov, and more. When you hear an individual selling domain, he’s transferring rights to use for a fee.

Choosing a domain name

First, before you build your website, you need to choose a domain name for your website. In most cases, the domain name will form part of your branding. Another reason for the domain name is for online searchers to find you on the search engine results.

Your domain name should be memorable and easy to spell for your visitors. Alternatively, if you have an existing business, acquire a domain name with your business name.

For example, if you have an offline business called Jane health clinic, your domain should be:

Another alternative is to choose a domain that is catchy and unique. For example, big companies such as Amazon and Google started from scratch.

Multiple Domain names

You only need to have one domain name to cater to all your online business. However, you can opt to have multiple domains to achieve a specific business objective. Some of them include:

When you plan to do business in various countries

A South African company might have a domain name with the top-level domain .Za. The same company can also go for a domain name with .com to access the international market.

To correct misspelling mistake

Suppose your name is techreviewz; it would make sense to get an additional domain with spelling techreviews. In most cases, your audience will enter techreviews out of habit.

To block competing domains

If you are in a booming niche, there’s a likelihood that another domain with a different extension exists. For example, for, someone else can register for or .net. In this case, you can decide to register with all possible extensions.

When you use a common variation

Suppose you register your primary domain and mix number, it would be best to get one with no numbers. For example, if your first domain was tech2reviews, go for techtoreviews.

Every domain name has the last bit after the last dot, and it’s called the top-level domain (TLD) extension. An example of TLD is .com,.org, or .biz. We have two types of TLD:

  • Generic (gTLD). They include .com, .biz and .org.
  • Country code (ccTLD). For example, .ke, .uk, .Za and more.
Domain name common variation
Domain name common variation

How much should a domain cost?

In particular, those who want to create a website for the first time are always curious about the price. In that connection, you need to know that the domain price depends on two variables:

  • The providers’ price. For example, at Namecheap will cost $8 while at the blue-host cost $10.
  • Additional add-on charges. Things like security and SSL certification makes the price balloon.
  • Specialty TLD domain. Domains that end with .business, .TV, .pro, .review cost more than regular .com domain.

Domain registrar vs. web hosting providers

Here is where newbies find a rough time to choose. Usually, a web hosting company is like a house that hosts your website’s family. The two are different, but some web hosting providers offer domain registrar services.

Moreover, there’s no restriction that you must have a domain from the same web hosting company. For that reason, you can buy a domain from and host your website at Namecheap.

A good domain registrar

In most cases, you’ll like a particular domain registrar because of the extra services they offer. A good domain registrar should:

Offer good management services. There are a lot of things you can take care of at the c-panel. For instance, your registrar should be able to update your information regularly. Also, check if they offer email accounts and auto-renewal services.

Who should registrar your domain name?

Sometimes you might be busy and wants your web designer to do all for you. If that’s how you want it, then there are a few steps you need to chip in and participate. For example:

  • It would be best if you listed as the registrant. Tell your web designer to include your email address for confirmation and approval. As a result, you’ll be able to get updates about password change, billing, and more.

Reasons why a domain name is important

It creates a first impression.  The first thing visitors will remember about your website is the URL name. If you have one that’s attractive, it can make good impressions.

It helps with SEO. A domain with a keyword you intend to use a couple with search age can boost your ranking.

Speak for the brand. Your domain name defines your brand and the category it falls.


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