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We deliver intrinsic web design Kenya tailored for superior results.

Are you facing complications with your website, or is it out of date?

We have a solution to all your web design Kenya. You probably need a custom design, professional design, and easy to update the website. We understand you have a goal; let that be our primary focus.

Easy to edit and add pages

We provide services for web design Kenya that meet both local and international standards. We always ensure clients get a website that can be updated with non-tetchy individuals. A useful page should be responsive, functional, and SEO ready.

Goal-oriented web design

Our initial process includes analysis and audit about the audience. In particular, we always engage with our clients to ensure we dig deep into the project's scope. Other areas we discus before launch include goals, competitors, and volume.

Digital strategy

We ensure that what we build speaks well about your brand and your target audience. Here, we utilize things, such as content goals. What do you want to offer your audience? Is it videos, podcasts or blogs?

Information architecture

The information architecture should be user friendly to boost engagement in your site. Our focus is to combine all elements using our creativity. Above all, the focus here should be your audience and the journey they will pass through when they visit your site. Will they complete the journey because your site is easy to navigate or make a u-turn.


We use themes and plugins in your site that are responsive and light. Some of the typical theme builders we use are Elementor and Beaver for WordPress website.

Quality assurance

 Before your website goes live, we ensure that all facet work according to your goals. We also ensure that there’s good communication between the front-end and back-end design.

Choose the perfect plan

If you need WordPress website that’s fully responsive, then you’re at the right place. 




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What we offer?

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    Web design kenya goals

    For more than ten years, we have been active in the IT sector, helping the community in various ways. If you intend to have a successful web design in Africa, here is the plan.

    Project definition

    At every web design we build, we start with your goals. What are the results you want to achieve with the website?

    You need to have an outcome or the result so that we give you the best formula.


    Our team will sit down and analyze your report. Next, we head straight and look for your top competitors to get an idea of what can work best in your niche.


    Here we come with the best structure that will work well for you. Again, we ensure that the design we give a help solve your audience problems.


    At this stage, we check for the best elements, themes, and plugins that will drive your goals. Notably, the best ones should not be expensive and must be responsive to all devices.

    Creation and testing

    The package you select includes content creation and posting. We don’t deliver empty pages unless you tell us to do so.

    We also ensure that all run smooth, site intuitive, and speed at the top gear.

    Site we design

    ECommerce website

    Ecommerce is a site where people can buy your product and includes a shopping cart.


    electronics, electrical, apparel etc

    Business website

    A business website is one that represents your business verticals such as logo and positioning. It communicates your brands and what you offer.

    Business website

    Real estate, catering, dentistry,

    Portfolio website

    It‘s a site that shows examples of your past work and jobs.

    Portfolio website

    Portfolio, Engineering, freelancing, carpenter, photographer

    Media website

    Media website collects stories and other updates around the world or within a specific area.

    Media website

    Example: Washington Post.

    Setting SEO goals

    In our services for “web design Kenya,” we understand how SEO is vital for your business. From the beginning, we ensure that your site begins with SEO strategies. One of the reasons why many sites fail to hit is that they initially don’t set SEO goals.

    With this in mind, we curate keywords and phrases on each page. Luckily, our SEO package is free for all web design Kenya agency services.


    Moreover, when your site goes live when all SEO elements are perfect, you’ll see good results early. Besides, SEO ready sites help you get more traffic and increase revenue without breaking the bank. 

    Do hosting matter when building your website

    Newbies always ask this question when we design a website for them.

    Does it matter who will host my business website?

    The answer is yes if you want your site to rank in search engine results. When considering a hosting plan, ensure you get a package that will allow room for growth. Another criterion to look at is the geographic location.

    Is the domain name important?

    Yes, domain name plays a significant role when it comes to SEO. To be safe, ensure your domain resonates with your products or services. For example, if your company name is, go for a domain with the name Elementor on it.

    Another takeaway is that always go for the short name as possible to make it easy to remember. Besides, a short name is hard to misspell, which will make your busy easy to access.

    Lastly, avoid underscores and dashes or any other meaningless characters. It’s advisable to give your audience something that will make your site easy to remember.