What to consider for Website layout

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With themes and templates, you might decide to create your website by yourself. But, as you progress, you’ll come to realize that things are not as it should be.

So, that brings the question of who should design your website layout.

The most elements of good design are that it should communicate your goals the right way. Web design will require you to be expertise in graphics, content themes, and more in most cases.

In summary, you need to check on the content, design of your text, images, color, whitespace, and more. Let’s separate the wheat from the chaff by diving deep into what to consider for the website layout.

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Choosing who to design your website

Hire a web designer

If you don’t know much about theme builders, templates, and CSS, you can hire web designers such as Techreviewsient. Here, they will analyze and come up you with a web layout that attracts eyes.

techreviewsient website layout

Advantages of working with Techreviewsient web designer

  • Get a customized website layout that meets your goals
  • You will have no worries about theme builders to use or choosing the best lightweight plugin
  • Receive advice and support on the best way to scale your brand for future upgrade
  • Your site will load fast because the designer knows the best light themes and plugins
  • Apart from creativity, your site will be user friendly with visual appeal.


  • You will have to pay for the service

Create a website with site template ready

Using a readymade template will make your website layout cost reduce to a large margin. Another benefit of this method is that you don’t need any coding knowledge.

However, you’ll not be able to a lot of customization if you have zero HTML knowledge.

Things to consider for your website layout


Notably, the layout of your site acts as a map for your audience. Once visitors know all locations, your site will achieve a lot in the user journey.

Depending on the type of content you project for your site, your website layout should clearly show all content. Most importantly, the website layout should keep your visitors focused on what’s vital. Similarly, you need to come up with colors that resonate well with your site and brand. On top of that, the layout should be easy to navigate or use.

Width and height of your website layout

The width and height will affect how your final layout will appear. Usually, we have a fixed or fluid width. As the name suggests, a fixed-width never changes, whereas a fluid width adjusts with the browser size.

The pros of a fixed-width layout are that you can play with the structure of your website.

Design of your text

A good site should have content with the exact text that all users can read with ease. Besides, the content you present to the audience should be clear, organized, and consistent. Your visitors should have an easy time or take little time to read your content.


You’ll come to realize that images play a significant role in boosting your site impressions. You can decide to use photos, graphics, or icons for your site.

One rule of thumb is to ensure that the photos you use do not distract your content. To achieve this, you can lower opacity to 80%. Another rule of thumb is to use human images or real photos to draw emotions. Last, ensure your photos are clear to communicate the message.


A Whitespace is that area within a page that contains no content. In particular, whitespace in pages helps to reduce content overcrowding. Usually, your readers might find it difficult to access what they need when your website lacks whitespace.


Everybody has that favorite color that he/she loves the most and would love to use them anywhere. However, when it comes to choosing a website color, there’re several things to consider.

  • The color should fit the mood and theme of the site
  • Your site Color scheme should work together in harmony. Use the tool to get an idea of what will combine well.

Usually, color scheme choice is influence by factors such as :

  • Culture
  • Age
  • Socioeconomic

Background style

You can create a background by either using solid colors or images. When you decide to go for solid colors, try as much as possible to make it light. When it comes to images, avoid using photographs as background because they will distract content.

Alexa website layout


Your site needs to display well for both mobile and desktop versions. Notably, most users nowadays use a Smartphone to access the web. In that connection, ensure that your site is giving mobile users something functional. Moreover, check if the buttons are visible on the mobile version not to have to zoom.


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